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Natal, A., & Nordman, C. J. (2023). Locus de contrôle, identité sociale et endettement en Inde du Sud. Revue d’Économie du Développement. Forthcoming.
Keywords: Caste, Debt, Gender, Personality, Tamil Nadu.

Guérin, I., Mouchel, C., & Nordman, C. J. (2023). With a Little Help From My Friends? Surviving the Lockdown Using Social Networks in Rural South India. South Asia Multidisciplinary Academic Journal. Forthcoming.
Keywords: Social networks, Homophily, Name generators, India, Lockdown, Caste, Employment, Debt, Kinship


Guérin, I. (2022). Political Work and Social Reproduction in India and Beyond. Sociological Bulletin, 72(1), 97–103.
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Guérin, I., Michiels, S., Natal, A., Nordman, C. J., & Venkatasubramanian, G. (2022). Surviving Debt and Survival Debt in Times of Lockdown. Economic & Political Weekly, 57(1), 41–49.
Keywords: Covid-19, Debt, Lockdown, Caste, Labour, India, Trust.
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Guérin, I., Guermond, V., Joseph, N., Natarajan, N., & Venkatasubramanian, G. (2021). COVID-19 and the unequalizing infrastructures of financial inclusion in Tamil Nadu. Development and Change, 52(4), 927–951.
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Michiels, S., Nordman, C. J., & Seetahul, S. (2021). Many Rivers to Cross: Social Identity, Cognition, and Labor Mobility in Rural India. The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 697(1), 66–80.
Keywords: Income mobility, Cognitive skills, Personality, Tamil Nadu, India.
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Reboul, E., Guérin, I., & Nordman, C. J. (2021). The gender of debt and credit: Insights from rural Tamil Nadu. World Development, 142, 105363.
Keywords: Gender, Debt, Poverty, Caste, Microcredit, India.
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Guérin, I., & Venkatasubramanian, G. (2020). The socio-economy of debt: Revisiting debt bondage in
times of financialization
. Geoforum.
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Guérin, I., & Kumar, S. (2020). Unpayable debt. American Ethnologist, 47(3), 219–233.
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Guérin, I., Venkatasubramanian, G., & Kumar, S. (2019). Rethinking saving: Indian ceremonial gifts as relational and reproductive saving. Journal of Cultural Economy, 13(4), 387–401.
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Goedecke, J., Guérin, I., D’Espallier, B., & Venkatasubramanian, G. (2018). Why do financial inclusion policies fail in mobilizing savings from the poor? Lessons from rural South India. Development Policy Review, 36, O21–O29.
Keywords: Informal saving, Financial inclusion, Banks, Microfinance, India, Political Economy, Economic Anthropology.
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Guérin, I., Lanos, Y., Michiels, S., Nordman, C. J., & Venkatasubramanian, G. (2017). Insights on Demonetisation from Rural Tamil Nadu: understanding social networks and social protection. Economic & Political Weekly, 52(52).
Keywords: Demonetisation, Digitalisation, Social regulation, Social networks, Tamil Nadu, Caste, Gender.
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Guérin, I., & Kumar, S. (2017). Market, Freedom and the Illusion of Microcredit: Patronage, Caste, Class and Patriarchy in Rural South IndiaThe Journal of Development Studies, 53(5)special issue Microfinance and Gender: Issues, Challenges and the Road Ahead.
Keywords: Microcredit, Patronage, Caste, Class, Patriarchy, India.
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Guérin, I., Venkatasubramanian, G., & Kumar, S. (2015). Debt Bondage and the Tricks of Capital. Economic & Political Weekly, 50(26-27), 11–18.
Keywords: Debt bondage, Capital, Tamil Nadu, India.
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Guérin, I., D’Espallier, B., & Venkatasubramanian, G. (2015). The Social Regulation of Markets: Why Microcredit Fails to Promote Jobs in Rural South India. Development and Change, 46(6), 1277–1301.
Keywords: Microcredit, Self-employment, Gender, Caste, India.
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Guérin, I. (2013). Bonded Labour, Agrarian Changes and Capitalism: Emerging Patterns in South India. Journal of Agrarian Change, 13(3), 405–423.
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Guérin, I., Kumar, S., Agier, E. (2013). Women’s Empowerment: Power to Act or Power over Other Women? Lessons from Indian Microfinance. Oxford Development Studies, 41(sup1), S76–S94.
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Guérin, I., Subramanian, P., Venkatasubramanian, G., Michiels, S. (2012). Ambiguities and Paradoxes of the Decent Work Deficit: Bounded Migrants in Tamil NaduGlobal Labour Journal, 3(1), 118–142.
Keywords: Brick kiln, Capitalism, Debt bondage, Eco-type systems, Labour standards, Modernity.
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Guérin, I., Roesch, M., Michiels, S., & Venkatasubramanian, G. (2012). Dettes, protections et solidarités en Inde du Sud. Economie et sociétés, 46(2), 385–413.
Keywords: Debt, Caste, India.
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