Data collections


  • NEEMSIS survey
  • POlitical WOrk
  • Depleted by debt
  • Financial diaries
  • Village monographs
  • Feminist Analysis of Social and Solidarity Economy Practices: Latin America and India
  • Microfinance in crisis
  • RUME survey

NEEMSIS survey

The NEEMSIS Survey is the core of our quantitative data. It is a socio-economic panel survey conducted in rural Tamil Nadu with two data points: 2016-17 and 2020-21. The NEEMSIS survey aim at understanding the links between labour, skills, social and migration dynamics and social networks formation in India. It explores…
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POlitical WOrk (POWO)

The POWO project (2023-2025) aims at testing the relevance of the concept “political work”, defining and conceptualizing it in relation to issues of democracy, inequalities and skills, while exploring its policy implications. This team will draw on the Indian case where…
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Depleted by debt

Depleted By Debt is an interdisciplinary and comparative research project (ESRC-UK funding, 2019-2022) that investigates the interactions between debt, migration, food insecurity and climate change from a gender perspective. In collaboration with ecologists and nutritionists…
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Financial diaries

Financial diaries are a counting method. The objective is to carry out a systematic inventory of all, or at least most of the financial flows within a residential unit over a given period of time. Initiated in the nineteenth century in Europe to understand the budgets of the working classes…
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Village monographs

Feminist Analysis of Social and Solidarity Economy Practices: Latin America and India

This research examined six case studies of social and solidarity economy (SSE) initiatives with a feminist perspective in Latin America and India. Social and solidarity economy practices privilege the quest for solidarity over individual (or group) profit-only and rentseeking behaviour, and…
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Microfinance in crisis

The research aims to offer a global analysis of the main microcredit delinquency factors (such as governance, regulation, market saturation and political influence), from the perspective of supply, demand and environment. The research will look into the exact nature and interaction …
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RUME survey

The project, RUral Microfinance and Employment (RUME), has been selected in December 2007 by the French National Agency for Research (programme: Les Suds, Aujourd’hui). It deals with the impact of microfinance on rural employment. It is based…
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