The COVINDIA project: Unmask the collective action


The COVID-19 crisis and the strict confinement applied four hours after its announcement by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, had dramatic effects in this country with more than 1.4 billion inhabitants. The Observatory of Rural Dynamics and Inequalities in South India (ODRIIS), housed at the French Institute of Pondicherry and supported by the Institute of Research for Development, has devised a research-action project (COVINDIA) that attempts to respond to the immediate needs of vulnerable populations in 10 villages of Tamil Nadu in South India through the distribution of basic necessities and meals to vulnerable families. These distributions are carried out by SHGs (Self-Help Groups), women’s groups present in all villages. These local associations have acquired a central place in the management of the social life of the village in South India, and this in various fields: from education to politics and micro-credit. These SHGs also help to strengthen the power and visibility of Indian women.

Producer: Observatory of Rural Dynamics and Inequalities in South India (ODRIIS) with its research team COVINDIA

Carriers: IRD-IFP

Production and editing: Bruno Morat and Butternut Production

Scientific coordinator: Christophe Jalil Nordman (IRD, IFP)

Research team: Cécile Mouchel (University of Paris, IFP), G. Venkatasubramanian (IFP), Isabelle Guérin (IRD, IFP), Arnaud Natal (University of Bordeaux)

Sounds and Images: R. Rakkumar

Subtitles: G. Venkatasubramaniam

Year of production: 2021

Languages: French, Tamil

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