NEEMSIS-2 migrant tracking survey is completed!

The data collection of the NEEMSIS-2 migrant tracking survey is completed.
This migrant survey, which is a specific module and is matched to the general NEEMSIS survey, aims to collect data on individuals who have migrated between 2016-17 NEEMSIS-1 and 2020-21 NEEMSIS-2 waves, for work-related reasons.
The survey seeks to collect data on the characteristics of the migrant (labour force participation and outcomes, social networks, working conditions, personality traits and cognitive skills), as well as their environment (characteristics of other family members, housing) and their migration path (destination, satisfaction, network, decisions).
These data, combined with the 2016-17 and survey waves, provide unique information on the interconnection of migration strategy, indebtedness, rural employment, networks, and family livelihood.

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