RUME (2010) and NEEMSIS-1 (2016-17) data are now fully Open Access.
The data are stored in the Harvard Dataverse depository of the ODRIIS.

RUME and NEEMSIS are two socio-economic surveys conducted in rural areas of Tamil Nadu, covering different themes such as labour, agriculture, financial practices but also skills, social and migration dynamics and social network formation (NEEMSIS).

NEEMSIS is an extension and follow-up survey implemented in 2016-17 (and 2020-21) of the initial baseline household survey RUME carried out in 2010 in the same village. The three resulting waves thereby constitute a three-year panel of households and individuals.

RUME (2010)

Guérin, I., Venkatasubramanian, G., Michiels, S., Roesch, M., & Natal, A. (2023). RUME survey data (data). Harvard Dataverse.

NEEMSIS-1 (2016-17)

Nordman, C. J., Guérin, I., Venkatasubramanian, G., Michiels, S., Lanos, Y., Hilger, A., Kumar, S., Raj, A., & Natal, A. (2023). NEEMSIS-1 wave data (data). Harvard Dataverse.

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