New publication “Financial inclusion and gender”

Isabelle Guérin has contributed to the Handbook of Microfinance, Financial Inclusion and Development, recently edited by Valentina Hartarska (Auburn University, USA) and Robert Cull (Lead Economist at the World Bank Development Research Group) with a chapter entitled “Financial inclusion and gender”.

In this chapter Isabelle Guérin combine various surveys and ethnographies mostly conducted in South India since the early 2000s with secondary data to reassess the controversial question: is financial inclusion good or bad for women?

Abstract: This chapter reassesses a controversial question: is financial inclusion good or bad for women? It argues that this question needs to be asked differently, by exploring what conditions can make financial inclusion of use to its users, and conversely, which factors may mean it does more harm than good. As such, it stresses the extent to which diversity of contexts, constraints, needs and patterns make for diverse outcomes. It equally highlights the contradictory, multiple meanings of empowerment in matters of financial inclusion. Women frequently do not strive for autonomy and self-sufficiency, but rather to better manage their liquidities and social interdependencies. This chapter warns of the dangers of targeting women in an excessive or inappropriate way, including in the fields of over-indebtedness, the reproduction of gender roles and stereotypes, extra workloads, and sometimes violence. It ultimately calls for realistic discourse on the potential of financial inclusion, and for the design of quality, affordable and non-discriminatory services.

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